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Florida To Georgia Freight Shipping

Freight shipping from Florida to Georgia is very affordable. Florida’s busy freight ports and various interstates make a great combination to ship to Georgia. In addition, Florida’s excellent weather and flat roads make freight shipping easy and quick. Freight-Specialist offers the most competitive rates to ship to Florida to Georgia.

Florida to Georgia
Truck transport container on the road to the port.

Florida’s Freight Ports

Florida has a total of 8 freight shipping ports, the busiest is PortMiami, one of the busiest in the US. It is known as the gateway to the Americas. The major commodities arriving at the port are machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals and motorized vehicles. The majority of the freight arriving at PortMiami is destined for domestic delivery. Yet another reason shipping from Florida to Georgia is so common and competitively priced.

Florida’s List of Shipping Ports:

  • Port Everglades
  • Port of Fernandina
  • Jaxport ( Port of Jacksonville)
  • Port of Panama CIty
  • Portmiami ( Port of Miami )
  • Port of Palm Beach
  • Port of Pensacola
  • Port of Tampa Bay

Florida To Georgia Freight Shipping Options

  • LTL ( less than truckload )
  • Truckload (dedicated truckload service )
  • Intermodal Rail ( CSX, FEC )
  • Flatbed

Truckload Freight Rates From Florida To Georgia

Truckload freight rates from Florida to Georgia are fairly steady. The exception being at harvest time when supply and demand cause outbound trucking rates to experience huge increases. If you require truckload freight service during this time rates are higher than normal. Truckload rates tend to normalize in the summer. If you require truckload freight service in dry vans or flatbeds, Freight-Specialist provides the best rates and service.

Shipping From Florida to Georgia Transit Time

The distance from Miami, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia is nearly 700 miles. A truckload shipment can be delivered as a next day delivery. LTL shipments tend to take 2-3 days. LTL rates from Florida to Georgia are extremely competitive and should be leveraged by shippers. Freight-Specialist has among the best LTL rates to ship from Florida to Georgia.

Common Georgia Freight Destinations From Florida

  • Miami, FL to Atlanta, GA
  • Miami, FL to Savannah, GA
  • Miami, FL to Augusta, GA
  • Miami, FL to Macon, GA
  • Orlando, FL to Atlanta,GA
  • Orlando, FL to Alpharetta, GA
  • Orlando, FL to Kennesaw, GA
  • Orlando, FL to Savannah, GA
  • Orlando, FL to Valdosta, GA
  • Tampa, FL to Atlanta, GA
  • Tampa, FL to Sandy Springs, GA
  • Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA
  • Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA

Georgia’s Freight Ports

  • Port Of Savannah
  • Port Of Brunswick
  • Port Of Bainbridge
  • Port of Colombus

Florida’s Biggest Industries Include

  • Agriculture ( Oranges & Fresh Vegetables )
  • International Trade Of Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Machinery
  • Electronics

Georgia’s Biggest Industries Include

  • Agriculture ( Watermelons, Apples, Sweet Potatoes and Peaches of course )
  • Peanuts & Pecans ( Georgia leads the country in production )
  • Cotton
  • Tobacco
  • Manufacturing
  • Processed Foods and Beverages
  • Mining

Dry Van Truckload Freight Shipping

Dry Van Truckload Freight Shipping
Truckload Quotes for competitive truckload freight shipping services nationwide.

LTL Freight Shipping

LTL Freight Shipping rates vary depending on many factors including freight class, weight, dimensions and the distance the freight will be traveling. Let us get you the LTL rate you deserve.

Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping

Intermodal Rail Freight Shipping is the most cost-effective solution for volume truckload freight shipping. Intermodal rail shipping is an economical, reliable and environmentally friendlier means of freight transport.